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About Us

Networking for Success is a cross border project implemented by the Union “National Council for Gender Equality” (North Macedonia) and NGO “Open Door” (Kosovo), in municipalities of Gjilan and Kumanovo. It aims at fostering gender balance and youth society level by encouraging involvement of women and youth on introducing cultural, traditional and national values of Kosovo and Republic of North Macedonia.

Specifically, it facilitates trade cooperation through promotion of traditional, cultural and national handicrafts; thus generating self-employment opportunities through presentation and promotion of traditional handicrafts – for economically marginalized groups; women and youth associations; and handicraft producers in eastern part Kosovo and north-eastern part of North Macedonia.

Through the implementation of activities that will promote gender equality, the cultural and natural heritage will be promoted simultaneously through the commercialization of traditional handicraft (embroidery, weaving), crafts, rural tourism and traditional culinary.

The Project is funded by the European Commission grants.